We offer PSA & BGS Grading Services

Here is what we offer to you:

  • Your cards will be handled with care. We will review the cards that you give us (we are not graders and do not guarantee any specific grade) If we feel the card will not grade well you will be notified and we can either send the card back to you with the rest of your cards you have submitted or you are more than welcome to send the card in for grading.

  • All chrome and high gloss cards surfaces will be wiped for better overall grade. (again, we cannot guarantee the outcome of the grade)

  • All cards will be taken out of any Top loader, One Touch or any other case that is not a Card Saver and put into Card Savers. These Semi-Rigid card holders are what the grading companies require when receiving your cards.

  • Each time we send in a submission I will create a new thread for that submission. I will picture and post everyone’s cards that will be in that submission and will tag you on your pictures.

  • Once the cards are received by the grading coming, I will post that in the same thread. Any mails or updates will also be posted. If you want to know the grade of your cards after they have been graded but not shipped back from the grader, yet I will post your grades or send them to you in a message. If you don’t want to know that is cool too.



Once all cards are back to the shop, I will do a live video and reveal each card.

Click PDF to print out submission form

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